Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Motherly Oath

(Pic. by Shay K)

I promise as long as you are small I will be by your side.
I promise to always make sure your happiness comes before my own, to be happy when you are happy, and to understand what makes you smile.
I promise to always to find joy in watching you play and grow up and let you grow up.
 I promise to let you play in the wave without my hand, even if it gives me a heart attack.
I promise to always say sorry if I hurt your feelings, to listen and understand you, to see your side and to help guide you to live a beautiful and wonderful life.

All of my decisions will be the first steps to what you will become and I promise to always take my steps carefully for that. 

Our children are the art projects that take us a lifetimes to work on, but we almost don't remember painting it. It is the best representations of our selves, the only way that we can take credit for their accomplishments is to take responsibility for our mistakes also. It is okay and human to make mistakes but we must remember them so that we know where we have been and where we can go. 


  1. I took the top picture of Xander too. way to go, I think this is a copy right issue. i'm gonna sue your ass.

  2. good i will sue your ass for identity theft, way cooler friend shay.

    1. hahahaahahah, I am HILARIOUS. It took you a while to figure it out.

    2. oh, and get rid of word verification.

      oh, and for the record, no one wants that bird. no one.

  3. found my way over to your blog from shay's and i love this post.
    xx jes, newest follower