Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Xander and I watching the three Musketeers

Xander: Who is that guy?
Me: he is a Musketeer (in a monotone voice)
Xander: Oh he must save the princess
Me: ya something like that
Xander: Mommy I love you
Me: love you to
Xander: They are under the water? (in miss-belief)
Me: ya
Xander: they are very under the water? What ? They are really in the city
Ok I change my mind I want to be a cop like Evan, we can by me some cloths and I will be a cop.
Me: ok
Xander: What is Dallen going to be
Me: a dentist
Xander: Oh I can be a dentist. Mom you are not watching the movie.
Me: ok  I am now
Xander: that’s the city?
Me: no that’s a field
Xander: That’s where they train.
Me: yes
Xander: are they almost done.
Me: I don’t know, watch the movie.
Xander: sometime all of us can go to mc donolds. And we can all play in the play place or it can just me you and Howie. Or Howie can just go to work with dad. Which do you choose?
Me: maybe next week.  We will see
Xander: is there a princess in this movie
Me: I think so
Xander: Is this movie about pirates? They look like pirates.
Me: there Musketeers.
Xander: no they are pirate
Me: ok
Xander: is that a play thing?
Me: it’s a map
Xander: Oh do they live on a map
Me: yes
Xander: do people live on our map?
Me: sure
Xander: Are the real small
Me: no
Xander: I am going outside
20 min into the movie.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Motherly Oath

(Pic. by Shay K)

I promise as long as you are small I will be by your side.
I promise to always make sure your happiness comes before my own, to be happy when you are happy, and to understand what makes you smile.
I promise to always to find joy in watching you play and grow up and let you grow up.
 I promise to let you play in the wave without my hand, even if it gives me a heart attack.
I promise to always say sorry if I hurt your feelings, to listen and understand you, to see your side and to help guide you to live a beautiful and wonderful life.

All of my decisions will be the first steps to what you will become and I promise to always take my steps carefully for that. 

Our children are the art projects that take us a lifetimes to work on, but we almost don't remember painting it. It is the best representations of our selves, the only way that we can take credit for their accomplishments is to take responsibility for our mistakes also. It is okay and human to make mistakes but we must remember them so that we know where we have been and where we can go. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shay and Wanda

This week has been one of the best weeks in my LIFE. My best friend Shay and I have been watching the worst  horror movies that I think I have ever seen and we have been having a great time doing it. Today we went to Old Town, San Diego and I am pretty sure I have food poisoning, sick.  In the old town we discovered that there is more Mexican stuff there then in Mexico. Its smells like a taco, not the good kind if there is a good kind, and we are unwilling to take a 30 min tour of the Mormon Battalion. We will not wait in line to buy candy and people really look like their dogs. I will be big time upset when she decides to go home. REALLY!