Sunday, April 17, 2011

The End of the Dark

In the darkness there is a light at the end of a long hallway.
As it gets closer and closer to us we start to feel a feeling of joy.
A feeling that we have not felt since we were small.
As the light starts to feel the dark corners of our hearts, we
realize that the end of the troubling times are coming to a slow
but sure end. That for a small time there will be peace and happiness.
It will be a time of healing and preparing.
It is time to find the light.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

spring time breeze

The water flutters in the touch of a small stick, driven by the hands of pure youth. The wind flows sweetly through the air lightly touching everything with a gentle glow. Songful laughter fills the air with sweet sound at winters end. Nature starts to wake and greet the day. The beginning is alway the cleanest. Fresh and new memories.

days to remember

Thursday, April 7, 2011

one year

I have only Kiss, held, hugged, laughed, played, taught, feed and so many other things with you for just one year. But it feels like I have always loved you. everything you do makes my day. I look forward to spending  many more years with you watching you grow and learn. Happy birthday Howie I love you.

small strengths

your small strength can bring giants to tears.
when you smile the dark gray sky clears.
Your roar brings unseen things alive.
the secret world of childhood begin arrive.
Just remember to never leave it behind
do not keep your small strength confined.
Just keep it with you for all your life.
Do not let your heart pay the price. 

Little Lights

When hard times fall upon us, let us remember what we are fighting for. Let us look upon the small lights in our lives and see the future paths they will tread. The trials that we will carry them thought. The journeys we will send them on. How will me teach them if we do not slay our demons for our selves........ first.