Sunday, September 11, 2011

The End if Time off.

Well summer is over and its time to get back in the busy run of things. I celebrated my last week of freedom with a Dental appointment and a concert at the Soma where I saw Get Scared ( where I got to see an old friend from High school, Johnny B) and one of my new Favorites "Girl on Fire". Nicole and I learned just how old we are when we started falling asleep at 7.30 and when my hip popped as I was stepping from the car. Then when we got in we found that only about 10% of people that were there were actually over 20. But, I had fun rocking out in the corner as I pretend I was in my car alone. That is the fun thing about being in a room with strangers, they don't really care what you look like they all are more concerned with themselves. Here is something I don't understand, why is  it so cool to try to touch the people on stage or get spit on by the band? WHY? Anyway I don't think I will ever understand it. It must be a 13 year old thing.
       Another thing I did to prepare for my new busy life is I put up our Halloween Decorations. I love them and I have my stars and strips up sense May. I really don't care how people feel about me putting up my decorations a couple weeks early, I LOVE THEM. Also Xander loves them and that's all that matters.

 My little baby Xander start preschool on Monday. I can't believe we survived each other. I am really exited that he will be venturing out to learn new things. I hope that this will be a start to a great path for him. Because he is going to be a lawyer or I will kill him. Not Kidding. My husband thinks it is curl to decided what your children are going to be when they grow up but I don't feel bad. I hope that he is happy and gets on top of everything  quickly.
Well I hope everyone's summer was a great one and that we all enjoy all the holiday that will be coming our way. Stay in School and Stay off Drugs. D.A.R.E.