Sunday, September 11, 2011

The End if Time off.

Well summer is over and its time to get back in the busy run of things. I celebrated my last week of freedom with a Dental appointment and a concert at the Soma where I saw Get Scared ( where I got to see an old friend from High school, Johnny B) and one of my new Favorites "Girl on Fire". Nicole and I learned just how old we are when we started falling asleep at 7.30 and when my hip popped as I was stepping from the car. Then when we got in we found that only about 10% of people that were there were actually over 20. But, I had fun rocking out in the corner as I pretend I was in my car alone. That is the fun thing about being in a room with strangers, they don't really care what you look like they all are more concerned with themselves. Here is something I don't understand, why is  it so cool to try to touch the people on stage or get spit on by the band? WHY? Anyway I don't think I will ever understand it. It must be a 13 year old thing.
       Another thing I did to prepare for my new busy life is I put up our Halloween Decorations. I love them and I have my stars and strips up sense May. I really don't care how people feel about me putting up my decorations a couple weeks early, I LOVE THEM. Also Xander loves them and that's all that matters.

 My little baby Xander start preschool on Monday. I can't believe we survived each other. I am really exited that he will be venturing out to learn new things. I hope that this will be a start to a great path for him. Because he is going to be a lawyer or I will kill him. Not Kidding. My husband thinks it is curl to decided what your children are going to be when they grow up but I don't feel bad. I hope that he is happy and gets on top of everything  quickly.
Well I hope everyone's summer was a great one and that we all enjoy all the holiday that will be coming our way. Stay in School and Stay off Drugs. D.A.R.E.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moving on

You have learned to walk, to speak, to learn, to love, to laugh, to smile, to roll over  and so much more.  Now is  time that you start to stand on your own. Not just to learn how to do things but to learn about yourself. How things bring you happiness and how to make others happy, To learn how to make relationships with friends, teachers and peers. I wish you luck my son, I will always be by your side. You will be know for your Greatness and others will look up to you. Happy birthday Eric Alexander Welch. Love you always and for ever. May all you hopes and dreams come true. (you can be spider man if you want to.) Your loving Mother

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Going No Where Kids of 2003

I remember a member of our school administration say that he had never seen so many bad and crazy kids in one class in his entire life. We were known as the class full of kids going no where in life. From Grade school on, we were know as hard to handle academically stupid and just plain bad group. Through this I have learned that it has brought strength and resilience to a group of misfits. To all the people who told us we were never going to make; please EAT OUR DUST. To the Teachers that wrote a letter to the news paper about how disgusting we were; I hope you remember us.
If I may just shine a light on some of the people that the class of 2003 has brought to the world. I want show all that never believe and thought we were off or slow. We can make something of what we are. We can have dreams and hopes. We can get some where.
I remember being in English class when I was talking with a fellow student, where our conversation went to my religion and he said, "Sometimes I think you could come off sounding like a bitch" From my end I didn't take offence (mostly because my name was often confused with that word]. But an onlooking classmate did not think it proper to ever call me that. The on looker was Court McGee. After the boy had said his peace to me Court decided to act apon his judgment of the situation, he went a head in trying to turn the boy over in his desk. Well Shannon Koon steped in and stopped him in the end. But that is how I remembered him, alway standing up and fighting for it. As many might say that is a short fall in someone, Court as made it a foundation. His story is inspiring and great. He took what he had and made it to the top. The top of the UFC. He is a fighter and a hero in my eyes. And not to for get part of 2003.
My next Fav. never stops dreaming and probably one day will be a living legend. He can skate, play music, write music and tattoo, he even once tried to teach me to play the drums ( ya I can't do that very well). Looking at him you might think "Ya that guy looks like an asshole" but I am here to say, Looks aren't everything. Here's to you Johnny B. I don't think I ever remember hearing Johnny ever say anything bad about any one. He always excepted people for who they were. I even remember telling him once that I would give my voice for a boy and he didn't make fun of me. ( I was such a nerd.)  He never thought he couldn't be a rock star and look at him now. Johnny now rocks it on tour with his band Get Scared and melts hearts along the way.  So hold those old Set Point  T-shirts close cause your holing a part of History from Johnny B Class of 2003.
My next entry of Marianne's personal 2003 hall of fame is my friend Ben. You may not have heard of him yet but you will. I have never heard so many holiday's gone wrong stories in my life, but Ben's awkward moments and silly comments are what has brought him to the great Carthel Project he is today. We as a group were never part of the in crowd. We were the kids always shooting at invisibles stars that we new were out there somewhere. From Shorts in High school to Film Production Manager now he has one of the most amazing transplantations and track records I know about. Ben is a person that I look up too because you just talk to him for one minuet and you know this guys going somewhere. Ben you are a inspiration to me. Thanks.
      Lets face it what people say and the way people treat us molds us into the people we become. But, we are the ones that choose how it will change us. I will never stop hearing that I can't be a writer or a collage grad because if my dyslexia.(but it is why I mad so many typo's I didn't run it through my proof reader, don't judge Cheryl) But I will be published and I will make it through school. To all the teachers that put me in the hall because I was a little bit harder to teach; I hope you injoy my book. To all the people that think I couldn't make it; I will make sure I stop by the gap and say hi while your working.
For 2003 we may have been hard. The the best kind of greatness comes from crazy. Thank you to all who made it out of that school alive you are my inspiration. I Believe in Fairytale.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day love.

Let me be as sweet as you smell.
Teach me to smile with love.
Let me touch with kindness.
Teach me to be happy.
Let me glow with light.
Teach me to be brave.

All that at I can learn from someone so pure.
Thank you for making me know why it is so wonderful to be a mother.

To my boys my everything my sweet small things.


I have learned something that I think could take me a lifetime to master. My views of gossip, up tell now has always been, that you don't say anything behind someones back that you wouldn't say to there face. That is how I have lived and been for a long time. But, I have learn that even if you would say something to someones face and that you would be bold and proud of doing so it is not the right thing to do. I have lived as a in your face speak my mind kind of person for way to long. I think now is the time for me to not even speak unkind words to any faces. Not just not speak unkind words but learn to be more understanding and look forward and see what kind of impact what I say would have on others. Show that I love everyone around my and not hide that from them. I am tough but I care. Be a leader not a follower. I have always thought of myself as a leader, but now I see the follower in myself.. I need to start making it my way and not the way I think people will want me to look. I have spoke of others and talked to people and shared my feeling and thoughts on just about everything. I think that its ok to have my opinions and talk about them. What is not ok is to do it while trying to make people examples with their faults. Or show my side of a story by belittling the other people involved.. I can't say I will always be good at it or I wont default sometime. But, I will work as hard as I can to be the better person I want to be. I will start by saying I am sorry to all that my words have caused harm. I will also take charge of my words not just own what I say but be at peace and be happy with what I say. Let me always understanding and let my good character alway show through.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The End of the Dark

In the darkness there is a light at the end of a long hallway.
As it gets closer and closer to us we start to feel a feeling of joy.
A feeling that we have not felt since we were small.
As the light starts to feel the dark corners of our hearts, we
realize that the end of the troubling times are coming to a slow
but sure end. That for a small time there will be peace and happiness.
It will be a time of healing and preparing.
It is time to find the light.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

spring time breeze

The water flutters in the touch of a small stick, driven by the hands of pure youth. The wind flows sweetly through the air lightly touching everything with a gentle glow. Songful laughter fills the air with sweet sound at winters end. Nature starts to wake and greet the day. The beginning is alway the cleanest. Fresh and new memories.

days to remember

Thursday, April 7, 2011

one year

I have only Kiss, held, hugged, laughed, played, taught, feed and so many other things with you for just one year. But it feels like I have always loved you. everything you do makes my day. I look forward to spending  many more years with you watching you grow and learn. Happy birthday Howie I love you.

small strengths

your small strength can bring giants to tears.
when you smile the dark gray sky clears.
Your roar brings unseen things alive.
the secret world of childhood begin arrive.
Just remember to never leave it behind
do not keep your small strength confined.
Just keep it with you for all your life.
Do not let your heart pay the price.