Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For the Love of My Hate

Chapter One “The Masons”

In a small room lit by candle light Father Taylor sat at his wooden desk. Father Taylor felt the weight of his day falling heavy on his shoulders. At this time, on a regular routine, he would be jotting down small excitements of the day in his journal. But… Father Taylor’s day and the past few days have been very out of the ordinary. From a small drawer in his desk he produced a bound book, on the blank pages he began to write…
I am a mild man of small belongings and a simple life, but I have been witness to great destruction. The story I am about to tell you is not my own, but I feel that due to the fact there are not many still living that could tell it, in its entirety, I must write an account. Out of great darkness I have seen a most corrupt soul breath clean air and seek the light.
This tale is of hate, rage, love and greed, two families that would stop at nothing to see the downfall of each other. The two feuding families act out in a gruesome and horrible display of near extinction.
The less insane and more civilized family, of the two, would be the Masons. Harry Mason, father of four sons and one outcast daughter. Harry is over the police force in Marksville, the small island they all call home. He threw his sons into the academy before they could even get their caps and gowns off. Harry’s sons are his insurance that if there is anything that needs to get done, off the books, it will be so. Harry is a sad excuse for a parent and a husband, he spends most of the time behind one of his two desks, the one at the police station and the other at the Mason home. He is found smoking his cigar and listening in to the happening on the police radio.
In the master bedroom of the home she shares with her family lurks Elizabeth, Mother Mason. With a heart that is not cold but faint, her judgment not clouded but cured by the world’s prescription for sorrow. Upon her vanity, where she often sits peering into the darkness of her eyes, is a pharmacy all her own. Her need for intoxication is brought on by the loss of her husband’s sanity and her children’s youth.
Johnny, third son of the gang, indulges in sex and drinking. Usually found at Emily’s, the local skin viewing factory, or with Jasmine the dancer girlfriend. If it weren't for the favoritism of his older brother Danny he would be face down in a gutter sucking up rat feces.
Hayden is the youngest son, spacey and in his own world most of the time. Hayden has a talent for targets, as a child he was found spearing cats and feeding them to the rats under the deck in the back yard. Other than being completely out of his mind there is something else that sets Hayden apart from the rest of his family, his dark brown hair, all the rest of the Masons have the signature soft blond locks.
Second and much more head strong then the rest is Zackary  pre-med and ready to run as far away from this place as he can get. Mostly found standing next to the top of the totem pole Danny Mason. Danny is the fan favorite, showstopper show runner all in one, eldest and leader of the pack.
The Masons make up an extremely unconventional home but they will never compare to whom I will speak of next… the Carthels.  

I originally wrote "For the Love of My Hate " as a screen play 5 years ago. The story of the feuding family was an homage to the work of Shakespeare. I hope you enjoy. - Marianne 

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